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McLaren P1


The new McLaren P1™ is engineered to offer more driving enjoyment and faster lap times than any road car ever built. Thanks to its Formula 1™-derived aerodynamics, it has more downforce than any rival. This helps track speed and also gives greater driver confidence.


Other Formula 1™ touches, learnt from almost 50 years of McLaren Grand Prix racing success, include all-carbon construction, new carbon ceramic disc brakes, KERS-like power boost and DRS to give extra straight line speed. It previews tomorrow’s Formula 1™ technology too, including a petrol turbo V8 engine mated to a powerful electric motor (mandatory in Formula 1™ from 2014). There is some superior ‘yesterday’ Formula 1™ technology too, including active aerodynamics and active suspension (both now banned for conferring a clear performance advantage). The result is the most exciting, capable, technologically advanced and dynamically accomplished super sports car ever made.


The amazing aerodynamic performance – allied to the carbon fibre construction, advanced suspension and powerful petrol-electric engine – puts the McLaren P1™ in a different league from any hyper sports car that has gone before. Absolute top speed was not a priority – although with an electronically limited v-max of 350km/h (217mph), the McLaren P1™ is not short in that department. Rather, our goal for the McLaren P1™ is for it to be the fastest-ever production car on a racing circuit, a much more important technical statement and more relevant for road driving. We expect that owners will also use their cars on the circuit, at special track and test days.


Naturally, such a technologically advanced car will be built in small volume. Just 375 examples will be made, ensuring exclusivity as well as desirability.


Energieeffizienz - Die Verbrauchs und Emissionswerte im Überblick
Modell Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: CO2- Emission: 
McLaren P1™ 8,3 l/100 km 194 g/km 

P1™ spezifikation